80’s Product Radio Commercial

I remember in the movie, “A Christmas Story” that there were a bunch of radio commercials and shows presented on there. From that example, that was the only thing I really knew about radio commercials. I mean, of course I have listened to commercials on the radio but I really did not consider that when I was making my radio commerical.

I used the Wavepad app to create the audio I wanted for the commercial. I wanted my voice to sound compelling, like in perfume commercials or something like that.

I not only used the app, but I had this song programmed into the file to be background music for my commercial. I then, just after, recorded myself talking about 80’s shampoo that I googled called, Finesse.

After I recorded my audio, I then went to the effects tab, then to effects chain and changed my pitch to be lower and the playback to be slower. After I made those changed I uploaded it to soundcloud.

I tried to make more changes to the audio, but nothing really sounded right. This is definitely not my best audio attempted, but i was able to make my voice lower in the radio commercial.

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