Animals Doing Funny Things

Continuing to learn different digital skills, formats, and approaches towards a wide variety. One of the things we had to do was create our own gif. This is something that I never really knew how to make, I would just find a gif on my phone that represented how I was feeling. So for this gif assignment, we were supposed to find a video of a funny animal and edit to be a few second gif. Instead of doing that, I actually made a gif from two photos I took of my cat and I awhile ago. Even though it technically is not funny, but the way she is rubbing my face and the speed of the video can be funny.

Since I had never done anything like this before, I clicked on the link and what other extension I should get. On my desktop, I downloaded GIMP and when that was programed I clicked on it and pressed on open with layers to make sure my two pictures were together. Then I went to filter, animation, and then playback. After clicking that, it displayed for me a few second video of me and my cat just from taking pictures.

After that, I was not sure how to export the gif into my documents, let along how to put it in the blog. I looked on at the link that was presented to us and when I was able to save it, it would not present as a gif. After trying to create a gif and how to export it for an hour, I realized I could record the gif from my phone. Then from their, I uploaded the gif to my YouTube account.

Even though this was the most aggravating assignment for myself, I was glad that I was able to figure out how to upload my gif without getting too frustrated.

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