Be your own Best Friend

Since with this assignment especially, I could not edit the panorama photo. When doing the assignment, the only person in the house was me and my cat, Piper. I did not want to take a picture of myself using panorama mode on my phone, so I had to do another picture of my wonderful cat, Piper. It was absolutely hard make sure she was in a different spot. At first, when taking the photos she was in her little cat bed that is on my bed. I kept moving it a bunch of and eventually she got tired of being moved and ran away from me. After I chased her down stairs, she was by a window and I was hoping I could encourage her to move to the other side, but she kept swatting at me. The picture I was able to take, I am grateful that she ran so far away from me, to be able to get the picture.

How I took the picture was I just had to move my camera slowly to get a portion of the room. When Piper ran away I was able to move my phone across to where she ran to. This assignment took longer only because my muse can not listen to my directions.

panarama piper

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