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Anytime I was ever on YouTube and wanted to listen to a song, I always listened to the lyric video that was made. I used to always look at them and thought how easy it was to make a lyric video. When I saw this assignment, I knew I had to do it because I need my younger self to realize that not everything is easy. From anything that we have doing in class, a lot of the projects we have faced are challenging. Nothing comes easy in this class, but working at it pays off. Before even starting the assignment, I found a tutorial that would help me create a lyric video.

In the tutorial, the first thing I had to do was copy a link from a YouTube of the audio I wanted to use for my lyric video. In my case, I chose a video that had the audio of the song Golden by Harry Styles. After I copied the link, I went to the Documents app and opened a link to a mp3 to a mp4 converter, so I could save the video from YouTube to my camera roll.

After I was able to make the audio clip save into my camera roll, I used the InShot app to be able to extract the audio and add my own background and the lyrics to the new background. I then was also able to add sticker animation to the lyrics to make it entertaining.

After completing my first lyric video, I know if I do more in the future, it would not take so long because I have gotten used to the steps. Even though what I made is not the best lyric video out there, but I was able to complete a professional lyric video and able to follow this tutorial step by step.

2 thoughts on “Create a Lyric Video

  1. Meghan,
    I see these types of videos on YouTube all the time and I think you’ve done a good job creating one yourself. The tutorial you provided is simple enough and I think you do a fine job explaining us through your thoughts as you went about the assignment. Nice video!

  2. I love the background choice and the intro with the white lines! It fits really well with the song and adds some nice visual interest. It’s really well done, one or two transitions were a bit to slow, but aside from that its great! When I was in middle school I thought lyric videos were so cool, and I really wanted to make my own, so thanks for sharing the tutorial you used!

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