Disney Lyric Mashup

When I saw this assignment in the assignment bank, I knew I had to do it because I love Disney. I was trying to figure out what songs I wanted to do and how would I arrange it. I decided to only mashup three songs only because I knew if I did more, I would have gotten confused.

I again used the app, WavePad to mash the songs together, but I was still not sure how to do it.

I think just got the idea to press record and stop it at certain parts and move onto the next song. I had the songs already on my laptop and all I had to do was pause the recording on my phone and transition to the next song and record from that spot.

I realized when starting my project, that when I record on the same audio, it records at the beginning, not where you initially left off. I not only had to write down where I wanted each lyric, but I had to work backwards by starting at the ends of each songs to the beginnings.

Even though it was a time consuming task, I had some much fun creating my own mashup of Disney songs! I was also satisfied of how the audio turned out.

One thought on “Disney Lyric Mashup

  1. I love this! Well done! I also am a fan of Disney and I love this mash up you created! The only critique I would have is that the volume is very low. Usually software on computers can increase the volume, but other than that, great job!

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