Draw It

Before starting this assignment, the directions were vague. I was not sure what to do, or where to even start. I scrolled down to some comments to see if anyone had put there instructions on how to do this assignment. After scrolling, I found a blog post that screenshotted the picture of the app he used for the assignment. I downloaded the app, and I was grateful that it was free, and then it asked my to select two photos. Then for one of the photos, I just had to cut the background out and put it on top of the other photo. Using that app, for me, it was easy to figure out.

The two photos I choose to edit together was a picture of me and my suitemate on Halloween and the other one was a beach at Fort Lauderdale during spring break.

My bible study always has theme nights and the Monday before Halloween, we did a costume party on Zoom. I decided a week prior that I was going to dress up as my suitemate because I knew we had a similar sweater so I thought it would be easy, cheap, and funny to dress up like her. Before going online for costume night, Claire and I decided to take a picture to see how similar we actually looked. I decided to edit us into a beach photo is because my spring break trip was one of the last fun things I got to do before going into quarantine. It is interesting to combine a picture that has a nice calming beach and two girls wearing masks.

draw it

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