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The assignment to edit a photo that looks like a drawing was tricky. The description for completing the assignment was to get an app called Photostream. When I got on the app, I thought their would be a button to make a picture I took turn into a drawing. I then realized that I was supposed to edit my picture to make it look like a drawing. I first went to the looks setting in the app and chose matte. Then I went into overlays and chose grunge to produce a lighter setting in the picture.

When I originally took this picture, I was getting ready to host a Netflix Party with my bible study from school. While I was setting up my computer to host the movie, my lovable cat wanted to be rubbed. She does like to get in the middle of everything I do. She sometimes likes to get on top of me when I am in a meeting and some of my friends knows how much she wants to be included. Piper is one of my inspirations for photography and I took this picture and sent it into a group chat saying that she is ready for the movie as well. Her personality is to at the center of everything and that is why I was happy to edit this picture. She looks like a detailed drawing, with especially darkening her spots on her body.

drawing piper
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