Event Poster

I have made posters through different perspectives. In the third grade, I had to make an event poster for our economics project. I will be honest about my digital art skills, I am not the best. So, ever since learning how to properly edit out a background in pictures, that is a skill I wanted to continue to practice and use that in this assignment.

The event I decided to make is an interest meeting for our bible study. I had to make an interest meeting poster last semester, but it was not as great as I hoped it would be. Hopefully soon, we will have club carnival in the spring, I want to make an interest poster that captivates to prospective students.

How I made the poster is actually quite simple. I edited the background of a picture taken before Covid happened. Then after I edited it, I created a plain background and just added simple text.

I do hope with future assignments, I will master more digital designing and hopefully, in the future, make a better event poster for my bible study.

event poster

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