It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane

As through continuing the visual assignment, this category involved taking a picture of a superhero but truly is not. I do know from the picture, my cat, Piper is not a superhero. Although Piper is just a cat, she likes to look out the window to see if anyone will break into the house. Every time she looks out that window, she always looks like she is going to fight something out there. From seeing her body language, being focused on what is outside, could make her a superhero.

For taking the photo, all I really did was follow my cat. Since she is my inspiration for taking pictures, I was waiting for her to make a pose that made her look like a superhero. After I kept bugging her a bunch of times, she went over to the window and looked like she was focused on what was going on outside. She looked like she watching over everyone to make sure nothing was happening.

superhero piper

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