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I have grown up with watching movie trailers. Whether it is at the movies watching the 40 minute previews, the added previews to a DVD, or just googling a movie trailer to see if it looks interesting or not. For this assignment, I specifically had to make a spy trailer. The premise of my trailer is that a spy has to go undercover as a nurse to get to the bottom of her mission. I was grateful that one my really good friends was able to be the lead of my trailer. If this were going to be a real movie, I would firstly want my friends and family to be casted only because it would be a fun film to make with everyone you love. My friend’s co stars, that I thought of would have to be my two friends that would make excellent nurses, but in the “film” would learn they are not who they say they are.

How I was able to make the movie trailer was first I asked my friend if she would in it and meet me at the park to film it. I also told her to bring a bunch of different outfits she could wear because I was not sure how the trailer was going to go. I had my friend go around the park and I film her doing different actions like walking, talking her watch, hiding, running etc.

After I had gotten a few clips of her doing different actions in different outfits, I went onto an app on my I Phone called, iMovie. When going onto the app, it asks what type of project you want to create and I chose trailer. After choosing that, there were layouts provided so all I had to do was choose one and insert my own videos into each spot they wanted me to.

Even though the layout of the trailer had more music than I hoped for, I was actually happy with the way it turned out. Even though I was not exactly sure what I was wanted to do, I knew I wanted my friend to be able to speak in the trailer. Since the music was provided in iMovie, I was not able to change the music or volume of it being projected. Although, speaking or no speaking I think it turned out well.

2 thoughts on “Movie Trailer

  1. Great job Meghan!

    I loved that you incorporated your friend and made your own clips for this. I also really liked that you added typography to break up the scenes and really made it feel like a spy trailer.

    The only thing I would suggest is seeing if you could alter the color or add a filter to the scenes of your friend, so they flow a little better with the design of your words.

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