Sticky Note Animation

Since this was my second time creating a gif, it did not take as long as it did before. The only part that took the longest was drawing out the animation on the sticky note. I can safely say that I am not the most artistic person out there meaning I can draw anything. When drawing the sticky notes, it was not bad because I was able to control how many sticky notes I could use for this assignment.

When creating the gif, I drew on six different sticky notes. I drew a stick figure running towards a heart. Once the stick figure got to the heart, I drew him holding the heart with the sun behind them as well as a rainbow. After I drew on the sticky notes and took a picture of each, I put them on GIMP by constantly pressing open with layer so each image could be together. After I got all six pictures of there, I pressed filter, animation, playback to get a loop of the pictures moving at 0.5x speed. Then I recorded the loop on my phone and was able to upload the video to Youtube.

Unlike my first attempt at creating a Gif, I became more exposed to the software and processing to making it. With knowing that, it did not take long to put all together.

One thought on “Sticky Note Animation

  1. Your gif is so cute! To make save a file as a gif from GIMP, instead of using ‘save as’ or ‘save’ you actually have to go under ‘export as’ under files (its pretty close under save as then a window will open at the bottom click ‘select file type’ and scroll down until you find ‘GIF image’ (its in alphabetical order) click it then click ‘export’ at the bottom after you’ve named the file. That will open up another menu, make sure the ‘as animation’ and ‘loop forever’ boxes are checked and then click export again and that will save it as a gif. GIMP’s animation tool isn’t very intuitive, and its definitely not easy to find out how to make gifs. Another thing that might help is if you get all your pictures of your sticky notes to be from the same angle and move them so they are lined up, then there is a crop feature that can cut out the rest of the image, it’s the fifth over on the top row of the tool bar and it looks like two L’s overlaping to form a box if you click it and select only the sticky note part of your image (the little boxes in the corner of the big box let you adjust it) and hit ‘enter’ on your key board it will cut every thing outside of the box off. that way all we’ll see is the sticky notes.

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