Story Time

Starting with this assignment, I have never completed an audio assignment before. In the past I have recorded my voice for a presentation but never to edit an audio clip.

So, when first seeing this assignment, I thought to myself, how bad is it really going to get. At first, I tried to download the software recommended, but it lead me to the wrong extension. I was then able to find an extension for audio, but it was not working well for me because it kept talking about my output and input volume, and I did not know how to fix it. That then lead me to finding an app that was free and able to edit my voice, on WavePad.

Once I got the app, I had to figure out a story to tell, I decided to tell the story of how my stepdad, Andy scared me in the bathroom. I chose that story because I wanted to make it suspenseful and appealing to anyone listening. Like from other audios we have listened to, I wanted the audience to picture what was going while I am retelling the story.

After I recorded the audio, I went to effects, effect chain, and applied the AM radio setting. This allowed my audio to not only change my voice, but it added some static in the background. I really liked that effect to the audio because it sounds like I am making a call, that was recorded, and retelling the story of how my stepdad scared me. I also then changed the pitch in my voice to go a little higher so that, the AM radio setting was not overshadowing my voice.

Then after that, I was able to upload my audio to soundcloud.

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