Tutorial for Weaving the Story

The first part of the assignment I decided to do the visual assignment, pop star out of place. Even though I did not use an actual pop star, I decided to use my character, a snowman outside when it is not snowing. I decided to use this digital media into my storytelling by creating an ending for my character, Olaf melting.

How I was able to place Olaf in a different setting was by using the Photoshop Mix app. All I had to do was place two pictures that are unlike each other. For the background, I chose a picture of the Arendelle castle and I edited the background of the Olaf melting picture I found. I subtracted the background of the Olaf picture and placed in on top of the castle. Then I also did the same thing to the picture of Anna and Elsa hugging to allow my story to flow and create an ending for one of the characters.

Visual Assignment Pop Star out of Place

The next assignment I was able to create by also using the Photoshop Mix app was the design assignment, missing person. Since my character, Olaf, is a snowman, I thought it would have been cool to say in the story that he ran away. I found a template off the internet and used that as the background. Then I added text for description of Olaf. Then I subtracted the background of another picture of Olaf before he came to life.

Design Assignment Missing Person

Then one of my last design assignments I used with the Photoshop Mix app was the advertisement using a cartoon character. Since the character I chose to do for my storytelling assignment is cartoon, I thought this was a perfect assignment for me to do. This assignment was able to create a climax to my storytelling. Not only did Olaf make his change to being the villain, but it made the story have a main problem. What I was able to do was using a snowy background and editing a picture of Olaf into the picture. I created a slogan that was similar to one of his quotes from the original movie, Frozen.

Design Assignment Advertisement using a Cartoon Character

Then, since I still needed to do more digital assignments, I wanted to do an audio assignment because it is not my favorite of the assignments, but I do want to grow with audio. The storytelling assignment was to create a compelling story for the audience. I told a story about how he met Elsa and where he got the idea to make the snow machine. I wanted to tell a story about how he was heartbroken by his role model and instead of being sad the rest of the story, that Olaf decided to take action for himself.

Instead of using the app I used last time, I actually decided to do my audio on iMovie because it has an option for a voiceover. After adding my voice, I decided to add background music as well to add suspense and emotion to the audio. After I did that, I was then able to download it onto my soundcloud.

Olaf’s Storytelling

I then also created a video assignment called your dream as a movie trailer. I decided to use this assignment because I thought it would be cool if Olaf’s dream was his motivation to meet Elsa and then that would lead to him wanting to control the seasonal change. I made this trailer by using iMovie and used the trailer option. I also used the Documents app to convert some Youtube clips onto my camera roll and added some of those clips into the trailer.

I did use the same layout for the video assignment, Mini Documentary. It was created to serve as turning point for Olaf’s character. In the story, Olaf is shown telling and convincing the people of Arendelle to buy his snow machine and why a permanent winter is the best option. Then it shows at the end that Elsa was able to control her powers and stop the snow machine.

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