Summary for Assignment 6

As the last assignment is finally here, it is weird that it is ending so quick. Also that this class has only been in session for only three weeks, it feels like a lifetime. Aside from that, I actually enjoyed this last assignment. It was a cool way to tie into everything that we learned […]


Reflection of the course

When I started this course, I thought I was not going to be able to do it. I was stressing out thinking that this course was going to be too hard and that I would have to drop the course. I was even scared of doing a course for only three weeks. I thought with […]


Weaving the Story

In the spring time of Arendelle, it was beautiful outside, the birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming , and the sun was beaming down on the kingdom. Then one day in the morning, it was snowing. This was the middle of the spring and the weather was cold and snow was falling down consistently. […]


Summary for Assignment 5

This assignment was definitely challenging, but rewarding. When starting off with the assignment of reading Robert Ebert’s perspective of the different details in film. When reading that article, I was not sure what he was talking about, but after doing a quick google search of his example, it made sense. From reading his theory about […]


Movie Trailer

I have grown up with watching movie trailers. Whether it is at the movies watching the 40 minute previews, the added previews to a DVD, or just googling a movie trailer to see if it looks interesting or not. For this assignment, I specifically had to make a spy trailer. The premise of my trailer […]


Look, Listen, Analyze

I chose this scene to analyze because I personally love superhero’s and have not seen Dark Knight Rises in a few years. The first part of this assignment was to turn the volume down to only notice the scenes being presented to us. When the Joker walked into the room where the other mobster were […]