Commentary on Customizing your blog

Even though I was stressed about creating my domain, I was excited to customize it myself. I thought it was going to be the easiest thing in the world. I thought I could drag different things into different spots and make posts just appear in those spots. When picking out a template that I liked, I did not realize how hard it actually is. For example, when I wanted to add a page and hoped that my blog posts would show up there, they did not. I struggled with that for thirty minutes hoping it would just show up in the page that I designed, but I had to find another solution to keep it organized.

About a few minutes ago, I realized when writing a blog post, you can categorize it. Once I figured out that you can make your own categories for each blog post, I got super excited because I like to make sure everything is organized because I have this fear that if I don’t organize everything to the best of my ability, someone will get lost and never find what they are looking for.

For me, I just had a hard time in general with the way my domain looked. I changed the colors at least a couple of times. Then when I started to look at everyone else’s websites, all I could do was just compare them to my own. I am proud of the way my domain looks, but I wish I did choose something that was entitled to what I wanted. What I originally wanted was tabs on the front of my page to keep the blog posts organized, and that did not happen. I do wish I did not settle on a theme because I was too stressed into changing it.

Even though the process was stressful, I did in the end have fun creating my own domain. For the record, I am not an artistic person, I can not draw to save my life. I do however like to take pictures, but I never realized how much artistic work does go into a website. I did like how you could make the theme into something you find visually appealing. I do hope through this domain and through the rest of the winter term we explore different artistic methods using technology.

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