Commentary on Setting Up your Domain and Social media

Starting one of my first assignments was a big challenge for myself. I have never made an online presence for myself, only just with Instagram and Snapchat. I had never, before this class, created a website or used twitter. When starting off with the assignment, I was nervous that I wasn’t going to get everything done on time or do it completely wrong.

Even though I was nervous, setting up the domain was easier than I expected. I kept stressing out about what my website had to be called and I typed in the first thing I could think of. I originally thought we had to create an actual blog website that centered around a general theme. So when creating the website, I thought I had to add extra posts or videos to make look like a professional blog. Then when I finally looked at the previous classes websites, I realized I was completely wrong and that my website name is embarrassing.

Sure it is not the most professional website name out there, but it is unique. I definitely stressed out a lot about creating the domain, but with the instructions given, it was simple. When creating my domain, I had no idea that UMW has a free platform where students can make their own websites whether it would be for class, portfolio, or for an extra curricular project.

Then with setting up the social media accounts, it was easy to post on their as well, although I continue to have trouble embedding my accounts onto the blog. Right now I am still having trouble trying to post my SoundCloud but for some reason when I do post it, it does not show up. With setting up social media, that has been my only problem with it.

I do feel like I was able to complete my work given to me, but when creating my domain and social media accounts, I realized it is hard to receive an audience. If we did not post out account names onto a google sheet for all the class to see, my website would not be getting any views. Even though it is a class assignment, it must be hard for small businesses or starting bloggers to receive attention. I never realized the amount of work put into creating a social platform towards your business.

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