Design Blitz

For this assignment, I found design resources throughout my house. I did have to read through some different articles to understand the different categories of design blitz. I never realized the amount of layers used in design whether it would be through an ad or a picture in a picture frame. It was hard to try to find things in my house, but rereading each of the categories I was able to grasp the understanding of each.

The first category I used as the color aspect of design. I took a picture of a painting I made of my cat. Since my cat is black and white, her eyes and the inside of her eyes were able to pop in the painting. Then to really see my cats figure in the painting, around her body is a bright blue to break apart her body and the background.

piper painting

Then with the second picture I took, it is a plaque I made a couple of years ago for my dad. I categorized the picture as holding a message because of my hand prints. The hand prints symbolize my youth at the time, and that I won’t be at that age forever. I will continue to grow up. This message takes the notion that nothing lasts forever, but you have to hold on to what you have.

happy fathers day image

The third picture presented in my lamp’s shade in my office. The specific polka dots gives rhythm to the picture and to the lamp itself. The design of the lamp is not basic but it does add creativity increasing the products value.

lamp picture

Then finally, after going downstairs into the kitchen, I took a picture of a bowl of oranges to signify that it showed balance. If the oranges were not placed in the bowl, they would have not been arranged that way. If placed somewhere else, the oranges have a risk of falling onto the ground. The arrangement of the oranges creates a design that balances its composition

oranges picture

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