How to be a better photographer

When beginning to start this assignment, I had already known some tips with photography. One of the tips I used and followed was looking into the light tip with photography. I took a picture of my cat while she was sleeping on her chair, and I not only relied on natural lighting but editing the lighting as well. I also used the tip, using a good background, I used my chair color as a background for taking a picture of my cat. I used my settings on my phone for both of these tips and I found it easy to do. From editing the background to make it darker, it allowed my cat to pop in the picture. The picture turned out to be better than the original, in my opinion. The picture I edited allowed me to darken the color of the chair she was and brighten my cats green eyes. I did enjoy the process of editing the photo, it made the photo have a better quality.


One thought on “How to be a better photographer

  1. I absolutely love this photo! My favorite thing is how the chair creates layers that your cat is buried in. I can tell you definitely took the reading’s tips to help you with this picture. Great job! (You should upload this to Pinterest or something, it’s that cool!)

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