Photo Safari

The place I chose to do my photo scavenger hunt was my bedroom. My room is kind of small, but it was a little messy, but lots of inspiration to take pictures in. Even though the scavenger hunt was only fifteen minutes, it was easy to find things to take pictures of. Even though some of the categories are intended for interpretation, it was hard to take pictures of some of the categories. In my opinion, especially with photography, art is interpreted differently by everyone. The artist’s meaning could mean one thing but another person could see a completely different side. When taking these pictures, with each different category, I took them based off of how I defined the categories. The experience of taking the photos was fun, fifteen minutes was the perfect amount of time to take pictures of each category. My favorite photos to take were the ones that were straight to the point. For instance, taking a picture of a shoe, repeating pattern, shadow, something futuristic etc. The categories that were hard to capture was an unusual angle, covering lines, and a photo that suggests motion. Overall, I had an enjoyable time going around my room and figuring out how to make each picture go along with each category. One of the best things I got to do with this assignment is being creative with each photo.

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