Weaving the Story

In the spring time of Arendelle, it was beautiful outside, the birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming , and the sun was beaming down on the kingdom. Then one day in the morning, it was snowing. This was the middle of the spring and the weather was cold and snow was falling down consistently.

One of the families are Arendelle decided, since it was snowing, it continue the winter tradition of building a snowman outside the house. SO the family decided to build their yearly snowman in the spring. After the family built their snowman they were satisfied, until the next morning, their snowman was gone.

Their is a reason why Olaf, the snowman, ran away from his family, it is because something was awaken within himself. Olaf was alive, he was able to walk around, talk and move his arms and legs. Olaf not only was alive and able to think, but he had a dream. After that dream, Olaf could not stop thinking about it. He wanted to meet Elsa, the woman in his dream, because she helped him feel alive again. That is why Olaf ran away from his family, to meet Elsa.

Then he finally met Elsa and realized he had to make his own plan for eternal summer.

Olaf decided to make his own snow machine that would create an eternal winter. He did not need Elsa, he had his own mind and was able to create his own device. Once Olaf perfected the device, he wanted everyone in Arendelle to have one. He advertised his snow machine to everyone in Arendelle and tried to convince everyone in the kingdom that an eternal winter is the best for everyone.

Olaf was convincing everyone in the kingdom to go along with his device. He went door to door convincing everyone why they should continue in a forever winter state. Until Anna and Elsa were able to realize the troubles of Olaf’s device, so Elsa was able to control her powers and stop the machine to bring back spring. Elsa and Anna were able to achieve their goal of bringing back winter. Although they brought back spring, that meant Olaf would not come back until the next winter. Olaf melted and Anna and Elsa were able to bring back peace to Arendelle.

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