My name is Meghan McLees and I am a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington studying Psychology. I hope after UMW to go to Occupational Therapy school and build my career up from there.

I named the website healthandfitnesstowardsgreatness was because I wasn’t sure where I was going with the website, but it is one thing about me that I have become passionate about. I never realized that satisfaction health and fitness could bring into my life. Hopefully through this class, and blog I can bring to surface some of my passions to everyone.

Aside from health and fitness, one of the main things I like to do is volunteer in my community. I had gotten into it when I was a freshman at Mary Washington and I became very passionate about it. I was grateful this year in the Fall semester to continue my volunteer program at school. We couldn’t be in person, which was disappointing, but we were able to stay connected with the community.

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