Look, Listen, Analyze

I chose this scene to analyze because I personally love superhero’s and have not seen Dark Knight Rises in a few years.

The first part of this assignment was to turn the volume down to only notice the scenes being presented to us. When the Joker walked into the room where the other mobster were having a meeting, one person in particular was not happy to see him. They kept zooming into his face so the audience could see his frustration towards The Joker. Then Joker eventually sits down to what looks like him giving a speech to the other mobsters. Some of them are interested in what he has to say, but the other guy continues to get frustrated by him, even when he is giving out a speech. After he finishes talking, the other guy gets up because he seems extremely mad at The Joker and he opens his jacket up to what looks likes clocks and the mobster backs away.

Then for the second part, I only had to listen to the audio. From watching the scene in the first part, I remembered they would zoom into each mobster to see how they were reacting during The Joker’s speech, but listening to what he was saying, I only pictured The Joker. I think, since The Joker is able to communicate well to the other mobsters, they took that time to allow how the others would react. The scene would have been fine if the entire time it was just The Joker talking, but what made the scene special was not just his speech but being able to see how other people were taking it in. Some of the mobsters originally looked liked they understood what he was saying, while others could only see The Joker as crazy. With only listening to the audio, I was able to hear what The Joker was articulating, for someone to take down Batman. The Joker wanted to be the true hero that would let every villain in Gotham run freely, like before.

Then watching it a third time and actually seeing their reactions towards The Jokers speech is incredible. Besides the mobster who is not influenced by The Joker, the rest seemed scared for themselves. The Joker not only carried bombs with him in case something happened, but the mobsters did in some way take him seriously. The Joker wanting to kill Batman, they knew he was serious, but all did care about in the end was money and investing in someone who they do not trust, not a smart move. They were intrigued by his speech, but they knew it needed more than just fluff, he needed a plan.

One of the things I noticed was the scene was set, their were certain mobsters’ on the left and right. The mobster that got angry at The Joker was on the right. Then when The Joker sits down at the table with the other mobsters, he does not sit directly in the middle, but off the middle towards his right. Since Ebert believes the right side in film is the most powerful, the film makes sure that The Joker is always placed on the right side. When someone tried to attack The Joker, he was always on the right side. Even when he was leaving, he was on the right side. Anyone who has ever watched a Batman movie should already know that The Joker is already going to be a useful character. In this scene though, he left without any of the mobsters backing up “his plan,” so if the audience knew about the right side, would know that The Joker won’t give up based on what other people assume.

3 thoughts on “Look, Listen, Analyze

  1. I hadn’t ever considered that the Joker wanted to be the hero, just to a different side. I’ll have to think about that for my next watch. Also, great observation about the right vs left, totally backs up your hero idea.

  2. You picked up on a lot of things I had never noticed. I really like your analysis about Joker being slightly off center to the right. I didn’t notice that when I first watched it. This scene is one of those few scenes that sticks with you. I remember being so surprised to see a guy get a pencil through his eye. I later saw a video explaining the visual effects behind it. When I know there is some effects in a scene I look closer at things like camera movement. The shot where the pencil goes into the guys head has camera movement, which makes it more impressive to me.

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