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When reading the article, How To Read a Movie, I never really knew how angle shots could influence the type of movie being made. Do not get me wrong, I have watch a ton of movies and have either liked or did not like a movie based on plot and acting. As for someone who has never known about the depths of the movie making industry. I know editing a movie could take forever, but figuring out camera angles and spots I have ever really thought of.

In Robert Ebert’s article, he talks about the one thing he looks for the most when critiquing movies is how they centered the characters. I was not sure what he meant when he stated that if a character is placed on the right or left side, it would make those characters have a positive or negative position. After he explained how if a strong character is placed in a certain direction, Ebert’s judges that based on the scene the character is placed in. For example, he states about a two-shot scene that someone on the right will seem more dominant than the person on the left.

This was just one of his methods to able to determine the quality and style of the movie, but I read some other ways of how movies, based on angles can help the movie as well. One of the things I never really knew about was zoom out angles. That is when the the scene is zoomed in and it zooms out to allow the audience to see the scenery and as to what is going on in the background.

Then their are different shots being used, especially in actions movies to either make the character seem smaller in the surrounding or when body language is important but is not frequently moving. From all these types of affects by using a camera, these shots are different is because the mood is different for every shot. If the camera was just placed straight in front of the characters for the entire movie, nobody would like. It is because of camera angles and zoom features that have allowed audience members to understand the dramatic story, to feel the characters struggle and growth.

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