Reflection of the course

When I started this course, I thought I was not going to be able to do it. I was stressing out thinking that this course was going to be too hard and that I would have to drop the course. I was even scared of doing a course for only three weeks. I thought with the amount of material presented for this course. I was nervous that I was going to fail this course.

Even though I felt like this, I told myself that I was going to give it a try before officially giving up. I start the first day of class rereading the syllabus and assignment that is due on Wednesday. It turned out, not only were the assignments step by step but it allowed me to be creative in a different way.

I have mentioned this before that I am not an artist, but doing this class allowed me to be artistic in a different way. I got to show my creative side through film, design, and photography. With each assignment and being able to choose different assignments, I was able to learn different methods. For example, I never knew how to actually photoshop a picture, and I always wanted to know how to do it. For the design assignment, I was able to teach myself something that I always wanted to know and a new skill.

The audio assignments were the most challenging for me during this course. I have enjoyed learning different techniques in design, photography, and film, but with audio, I found it difficult. When doing the different audio assignments, I kept getting frustrated. It was hard trying to find a system for audio that you would want to change your voice. Also to find a system that was easy for a beginner to navigate on. It was hard to find a system for my computer because my computer was not picking up on my voiceover and I needed headphones that could pick up my voice easier. Even though I did try my best with the audio assignments, I still find it difficult to find a system that works best for me.

Even though I did enjoy the visual assignments, my favorite was doing the design and video assignments each week. With the visual assignments, it did not challenge me enough unlike design and video. With design and video, I have been able to challenge and put myself into a creative mindset. For example, with film, I was able to think outside the box with the spy trailer by getting my friend to star in it. I not only was to think different in a creative way, but learn new skills that could help me in the future. With learning how to edit photos, that skill could help me get a job that I might want in the future.

This class not only brought me new skills, but brought me these skills to potentially to continue to work on and use in the future.

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