Reflection on Assignment 1

As for someone who is not the best at technology, I did not realize the amount of work being put into a website. One of my friends, she was in charge of her catholic churches website. It would take her hours to edit the website and upload media that she wanted up there. I mean I never thought it was easy, but I never thought it was time consuming. I always thought the reason why it took my friend forever to edit the website was because she got distracted, now I realize it is just a time consuming project.

I have realized that this is a skill that everyone should take when coming into the workforce. Not just learning how to use a computer but to actively put yourself into a difficult situation and learn from it. I personally have never created a domain in my life, but I did do my best and was able to complete my assignment. Even though I do not have the best computer skills, I am continuing to learn from this class. If their is something new I have to learn while in my future career, I have learned that it just takes time to master a new skill.

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