Reflection on Visual Storytelling

When doing the visual storytelling assignment, I thought it would be easier and less work than the first assignment. The photo safari and photo reflection were easy to do, but doing the visual assignments were difficult. I though each of those assignments were going to have full, complete instructions on how to edit the pictures they wanted. I then edited the photos the best that I could for each category, but then I continued to get confused about creating a story for each of the assignments. I was so busy trying to produce photos for each of the categories that I could not successfully create a story for each of the photos taken. I do believe that I was able to finish my assignments, the only one that gave me trouble was the visual assignments.

I did enjoy taking pictures of different areas in my house or using one of my old photos to create a better edited version of it. From this assignment, I learned different techniques for taking photos and distinct areas in editing photos. I enjoyed it because I do believe that I will use these skills outside the classroom. I have always enjoyed taking photos, but now when I take them, I can edit properly and can potentially finding meaning to the photos I take.

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