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Reflection Reading on The Vignelli Canon

Reading the article about Vignelli Canon’s career in architecture was basic. The article just described in a few sentences that he went to architecture school in Venice and then got a scholarship to continue his studies at the Chicago Institute of Design. When he founded his own company, Unimar International, he focused on graphic design. Even though he built a company from the ground up about graphic design, all of his designs were not formulated from the computer, he drew them himself. To me that is the most amazing part about his work, not about his business success with his companies but the work he was able to make that led to his success. One of his designs that I am impressed with was him creating the New York City train station map. I have been to New York City a couple of times and I had to always take the train and I would constantly be looking at the map. Knowing that Vignelli not only made it, but he did it free handedly. I would have loved the article to showcase his work even though the article was to inspire others towards his works, I think seeing his work would have helped.

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