Summarize TED Radio and Scottlo

From analyzing how radio, broadcasting, and podcasting’s main goal is to captivate the audience with their words brought me to understand that their are different narrative styles. I personally listen to podcasts weekly and the only type I have ever listened to was interviews. I did not know their were other narrative styles like storytelling or just talking it out.

I first listened to a little bit of the Detective Stories and noticed the amount of sounds provided. Even so, the narration of the show was basically what the narrators were doing at the time of the show. They were providing us a sequence of events of what they were doing, also keeping the audience engaged into what they were doing as well.

Then I listened to the TED Talk radio hour and noticed it had similar sounds like the Detective Stories. Although one of the huge difference between those two narrations was that the TED Talk made it sounds like a story. It felt like I was watching to a tv show but their were no images provided.

Then with Scotto’s audio, their were no transitional sounds. It was just his voice describing why he was making this audio. His version reminded me of the podcasts that I listen to because it was not trying to set a scene and try to paint a picture to what is going on. The words and message of the audio is what the audience will gravitate towards.

Each of these audios provide a different way into how an audience member will continue to listen to these types of narrations. From mentioned before that each one is different, but it is a good thing because each difference provides the audience something they enjoy and that audio will fulfill that for them.

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