Summarizing Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos

These videos, before really starting anything for the assignment, created a background information for what we are truly working with for the next three days. These videos were both trying to say that they want their words to captivate towards the audience, not visuals.

Ira Glass was saying that for radio was that you need to start with the building blocks with broadcasting. First you need the sequence of actions of the story, and can add in thought and ideas along the way. No matter how boring the story is, you can add your own commentary to create a tone that the audience will gravitate towards.

Jad Abumrad had similar thoughts but his purpose with radio and broadcasting was able to bring the audience to picture what he is saying. Since radio broadcasting lacks visual images. He said what radio lacks makes it interesting because the audience is able to picture what they are trying to say, it creates a connection. He states it as co imagining because radio can input words and ideas and the audience should picture those ideas in their heads.

Radio and broadcasting goes to show that it can create a visual story through their words and not through images.

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