Summary of Moon Graffiti

As for the first few seconds of listening to a podcast, reminded me of what we had to listen to before, the Detective Stories, because it was at first following in what they were doing step by step. Even though it was only for a few seconds of that, they were trying to captivate the audience by wondering what will happen next.

As to also listen to other podcasts, when the broadcasters were announcing that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were not going to make it, it was alarming but the broadcaster presented it in a calming fashion. The way he had to present their death’s their was no extra sounding in the background, it was serious and they knew. In the other podcast episode the Third Party, was telling the story of Mike Coleman who can be in danger from a serial killer. When the police came to tell Mike that he could potentially be in danger, their was no sound effect, it was keeping the message alarming in a calmly matter. Knowing that this is a serious subject, sound effects should not be taken to make it more dramatic.

Another detail that I noticed in Moon Graffiti was the special sounds affects when the narrator was talking about the moon landing. In a podcast called, Radio Talk, they have this episode called, A Terrible Covid Christmas Special. In the beginning of their introduction, they have sound affects going on in the background. I do have to point out it is not like with Moon Graffiti that it goes on through the entire episode, but that one part of the sound affect in Radio Talk, kept the audience engaged about what they are about.

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