Summary for Assignment #1

This assignment was challenging, starting with creating my domain and other social media accounts. Making the account and website was the easy part, but actually designing and posting was the hard part for me. Although I did enjoy the process of creating what the domain would look like, it was stressful to make it presentable and organized. One of the things I did learn from creating a domain and customizing is that it isn’t easy. People who devote themselves to blogs or social media accounts, it is not easy to maintain a following and the amount of updates needed to keep a website running.

Making the about page for my domain was strange. I wrote about what I wanted to do after college and why I named the website what I did and then I added more in case it was not enough. I talked about volunteering, health, and fitness, how and why I started to get into each of those things. Those activities do mean a lot to me and I thought it was a good way for anyone going on my domain to read who I am and what I am passionate about. I said the process was strange was because I normally do not like to write about myself and that was a weird feeling for me to do.

Then making the multimodal introductions was not bad, but it was putting them in a post was the most difficult part of the process. I was still unable to put my SoundCloud video up because every time it was embedded, when I pressed post, it would continue to disappear. The rest of my introductions like a post introducing myself or videos of my cat were able to be put on the domain.

One other part of the assignment we had to do was get in the habit of doing a daily creates post everyday. On Monday, I did my first Twitter post ever and it was terrifying. Then I did it the next day and the following day and have actually gotten used to the routine of starting off my day seeing what the daily create is for the day. Now that I have gotten used to doing them, that part of the assignment, was the least stressful thing for me to do.

In the end, I did enjoy this assignment, but I was just so nervous because it was the first assignment and I did not want to get behind in the course load. Overall, I thought the assignment was informational towards the fact that anything digitally created whether it be a website, editing a photo, or making a social media platform is not easy. Working on the domain took me three days and I know we will continue to edit and change it through out the rest of the January term. This assignment was time consuming, I know for the next few assignments to take more time into the assignment and more will come out.

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