Summary for Assignment 3

Getting used to not only an intensive winter course but also learning different digital atmospheres especially like digital design. I learned that design is important in the digital world and in person because it creates different attraction towards these objects and figures. Going through this assignment, I thought it was similar to the second assignment which was about photography. Going through the assignment, I used skills from the first two assignments of the course and how my digital skills have increased to help me with this assignment and more to come. For example, doing the design assignment was similar to what we did in assignment two and I was able to grasp the understand of what they wanted me to do. Then also the design blitz assignment was also similar to the photo safari by having to take picture of our surrounding. Although, doing the Gif assignment gave me trouble because I was not used to the software being used. Anytime I learned something new, it took me awhile to complete the assignment because I was still grasping the new context.

Overall, completing the assignments did not give me trouble. Getting used to the course, I am able to process the assignments that will be given to us in the future. Completing more digital storytelling assignments gives me confidence to complete this course and assignments by the end of the month. One of my favorite things I was able to learn for this assignment was how to photoshop. Photoshopping the picture of me and my friend onto the beach was a cool experience. I have always wanted to learn how to photoshop and doing this assignment allowed me to complete this goal of mine.

What I learned about digital design is that the way an object or product is presented is important towards a consumer. Not everyone will like a certain a design, but digital design captivates how a room or presentation is designed as well as completing a theme.

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