Summary for Assignment 4

One of things that we had to do for this assignment was comment on other classmates blogs. It is clear to say that everyone’s blog is unique and different. One of the things I notified was how everyone’s blog posts were different. Some people were able to add their personality and voice to their posts while others are able to be through and projective with recalling their steps.

One of the things I learned about audio is that it is hard to create a piece that you assume people are going to like. Especially putting it out there on social media or the internet, for that, it is up to the people whether to listen or not. I posted my assignment audio to soundcloud and I do not care if it gets any comments or likes on it. Even so, their are people on soundcloud, when they make tracks, depend on others to listen to their audio to make a living. In the end, being out there in the digital world is hard because their will always be someone trying to make rude comments about your work.

Overall, working with audio was extremely hard. For the past few months, I have been listening to more podcasts in my free time and I would daydream about creating my own podcast. After doing this assignment, I do not want to work with audio again in the future, but my ( fake ) dreams of being a podcaster are crushed.

I enjoyed learning the objective of broadcasting, radio, and podcasting, but I could never see myself doing it. I loved how each audio was different and was able to tell different stories in a different layout. Also to point out, that no way of broadcasting your audio is correct, each person creates their own identity, theme, and purpose through it.

What I did not like about audio was actually editing the audio. It took me hours to figure out which software to use, let alone how it works. I wanted to cry because of how stressed I was trying to figure out how to edit audio. Without crying, I was able to follow through with my assingment.

Also thing I also had trouble with was embedding my soundclouds to my blog. This happened to me with the first assignment but for some reason, every time I embed a link from soundcloud, when I press the publish button, it disappears. I emailed Professor Polack about my problem, but the only thing we were able to accomplish was putting a link, just not embedding the post.

After going through my troubles, it was still time consuming to go through the different audio assignments. The only one I really liked was creating a Disney Lyric Mashup. With this assignment, I was able to be creative with how the lyrics could be arranged and what songs would go well together.

Even though this was not my favorite assignment, I was able to learn about the different types of audio and how it can be assembled.

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