Summary for Assignment 5

This assignment was definitely challenging, but rewarding. When starting off with the assignment of reading Robert Ebert’s perspective of the different details in film. When reading that article, I was not sure what he was talking about, but after doing a quick google search of his example, it made sense. From reading his theory about left and right side, I was able to use that theory in a movie clip. I noticed those key elements in The Joker scene provided. I was happy that I was able to take a simple concept that Ebert was talking about and actually applying it to an actual movie scene.

When doing the rest of the film assignments, I felt accomplished with myself. In the past few assignments, I never followed a tutorial on how to do the different assignment banks, and I was grateful I thought about following a tutorial for one of them. I noticed on a couple of other blogs how their videos or sounds turned out nicely based on following a simple tutorial video. Doing that this time, made my video gain better quality in a professional state.

I enjoyed creating each of the videos, sure it did take a long time, but the process was worth it. Especially being able to learn about different angles in film, I was happy that I was able to used what I learned into a small short trailer.

Reflection of Reading Movies

Reflection of Look, Listen, Analyze

Create a Lyrics Video

Movie Trailer

Daily Create 1/16/2021

Daily Create 1/18/2021

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