Summary for Assignment 6

As the last assignment is finally here, it is weird that it is ending so quick. Also that this class has only been in session for only three weeks, it feels like a lifetime.

Aside from that, I actually enjoyed this last assignment. It was a cool way to tie into everything that we learned in this course. Not only just that but actually creating a story with the media we were able to compose. I liked that I was able to choose what I wanted to do, even though we always could, their was more creative freedom. This assignment was based soely on telling a story and also adding the different types of storytelling into it.

I know in the directions it stated that you could choose three out of the four medias we learned about, I decided to do all four. I could have avoided my least favorite, audio, but I wanted to continue working at it. I was disappointed my audio assignments and I wanted to redeem myself by adding audio to my storytelling. I know it still is not my best, but my favorite part of having it is that it adds a different narrative to the story. We have different pictures and film, but the audio added how Olaf felt in the story.

Their was not anything that I did not like about this assignment, I enjoyed having the creative atmosphere and to explore different methods into digital storytelling.

Olaf’s Story

Tutorial of everything used

Reflection of the course

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